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The Climate in Mauritius

The climate in Mauritius is very humid and divided into two seasons. Mauritius being in the southern hemisphere, summer and winter months are opposite to those of Europe. Temperatures are usually 3°C to 5°C higher in the coastal regions, compared to the Central Plateau, which is 670 metres above sea level. The Central Plateau usually receives more rains than the coastal regions.

Climate in Mauritius


Summer lasts from November to April, with an average temperature of 33°C on the coast and 28°C on the Central Plateau, though peaks in temperatures usually occur from December to February. The rainy season occurs in summer in February-March.

Climate in Mauritius

Summer is also the period when cyclones may visit the island, from December to April.

A strong cyclone will affect the vegetation, wooden or corrugated iron sheet houses. Hotels are equipped to offer comfort and security to customers during a cyclone. Deep sea fishing is ideally done from October to April, whereas scuba diving is more suitable from December to March.


Winter lasts from May to October, with an average temperature of 24°C in the coastal regions, and 19°C on the Central Plateau.

The lowest temperatures will however be felt in August with an average coastal temperature of 20°C. Winter is also marked by the winds blowing from the South East onshore. The Eastern region thus experiences strong winds in winter. June to August is the best period for surfing.