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Attitude Hotels Mauritius

Attitude Hotels

With 50 years’ experience, Attitude is an established name in the Mauritian hospitality industry. The team’s mission is to promote the “Otentik Attitude” concept that strives to share the famed Mauritian hospitality in all its authenticity and glory.

The Attitude Hotels Group’s goal is to promote the Mauritian way of life, the Mauritian “art de vivre”.

The assortment of the Attitude Group’s hotels is well dispersed all over the island; they all entertain visitors in distinctive ambiances along with regional specificities.

Attitude Hotels Mauritius

The group currently manages a total of 9 hotels around the island: Lagoon Attitude, Coin de Mire Attitude, Émeraude Beach Attitude, Friday Attitude, Récif Attitude, Tropical Attitude, The Ravenala Attitude, Zilwa Attitude and Paradise Cove Boutique Hotel. Each one has a typical Mauritian architecture, composed of wood, stone and thatch, thus creating a homely tropical atmosphere. The interiors are accentuated with a contemporary and refined design to reflect the comfort of the modern Mauritian lifestyle.

Attitude Hotels Mauritius

The staffs of the Attitude Hotel group constitute a big, loving family and they function as such.

They offer guests a memorable experience in all of their hotels, by serving them with genuine warmth and a high level of efficiency throughout their stay.

Their collective team spirit combined with the individual passion of each and every single member of the Attitude family help deliver a delightful experience and long lasting memories.

The service includes an authentic local cuisine and cultural singularities for an immersive, enriching holiday experience.

Attitude Hotels is greatly invested in an eco-commitment program (Green Attitude) to protect the cultural heritage of Mauritius as well as its natural assets - historic sites, endemic plants and animals, etc. It aims to be a responsible contributor to the island’s sustainable development while offering a unique holiday experience to all its guests.

The Attitude Hotels are catalogued under three sections:

  • Cosy hotels (Coin De Mire Attitude, Friday Attitude) - small, charming hotels catering to families, couples, friends and solo travellers
  • Adult lifestyle hotels (Émeraude Beach Attitude,Tropical Attitude, Récif Attitude, Lagoon Attitude) - with a “boutique-hotel” spirit and calm and friendly atmosphere; perfect for adults (from 18 years old onwards) couples, friends or newly-weds
  • Leisure hotels and resorts (Zilwa Attitude, The Ravenala Attitude) - numerous activities for families, couples, friends, newly-weds together with a “Dine Around” concept

Attitude Hotels Mauritius

The Attitude Hotels Group - List of Hotels

Lagoon Attitude

  • Location: Anse La Raie on the North coast
  • Rating: 4*

Lagoon Attitude Overview

Lagoon Attitude is an elegant hotel that caters to both families and romantic couples, with an exclusive concept in Mauritius. It is a combination of two hotels in one single establishment, allowing both groups of visitors to have an extremely enjoyable stay in a very comfortable and private space. Lagoon Attitude offers diverse accommodation options; something for every level of comfort and budget.

Lagoon Attitude

The hotel invites you to discover local culinary specialities with a “Dine around” concept that allows you to relish different cuisines in a selection of 4 exquisite restaurants.

Lagoon Attitude

You’re guaranteed to have several exotic experiences in the wide-ranging list of activities provided.

The hotel’s amenities include a Spa offering tailor-made treatments based on natural elements, a diving centre, a kitesurf school managed by an experienced team, as well as ‘Nauticaz’, an educational and interactive centre that aims to share the treasures of the Mauritian lagoon with curious travellers.

The boutique section of the hotel is a secluded area with 41 accommodations that offers complete serenity along with a range of facilities such as an à la carte restaurant, a bar, two massage kiosks facing the lagoon and two swimming pools including an infinity one.

Lagoon Attitude is an ideal location to share precious moments with your loved ones while enjoying a pampering service.

Lagoon Attitude - Hotel Highlights

  • 182 rooms
  • 4 diverse restaurants
  • Kids club - free for kids between 3 to 12 years old
  • Babysitting service available
  • Spa - hydro massages & body treatments - 2 sea-facing massage kiosks in the boutique hotel section
  • Infinity swimming pool + one pool for children
  • Complimentary land & water activities: tennis, basket-ball, fitness centre, snorkelling, windsurfing, catamaran cruises, kayak
  • Otentik Attitude - cooking classes around a local speciality, jamming sessions to discover traditional instruments and Mauritian artists, a week “Made in Mauritius” market

The Ravenala Attitude

  • Location: Baie aux tortues, Balaclava, on the North
  • Rating: 4*

The Ravenala Attitude Overview

The Ravenala Attitude is the first 4* all-suite hotel in Mauritius and the embodiment of everything the Attitude group stands for. Perfectly mirroring the “Otentik Attitude” concept, it takes you on an enthralling discovery adventure from the get-go.

The Ravenala Attitude

The hotel’s contemporary design blends harmoniously with tropical accents and little touches of the island’s colonial heritage to generate a warm, exotic atmosphere. With its 272 suites, it is able to accommodate all kinds of travellers - couples, solo travellers as well as families.

The Ravenala Attitude

No need to leave the hotel’s premises to immerse yourself in the local culture; you have the possibility of discovering the multiple facets of Mauritius through an array of stimulating experiences within its grounds itself.

The Ravenala Attitude offers you an enthusing “culinary voyage” through its 10 diverse, exquisite restaurants. At meal time, you’ll have a great choice of destinations to match your mood and desire: “seasidy” atmosphere in the lounge-bar and at the beach restaurant, “trendy-factory” spirit in the new bar-restaurant, a European or Asian ambiance, a warm atmosphere at the Mauritian restaurant or a romantic meal - everything is available.

Make the most of the Otentik Attitude experiences for a complete immersion in the local culture. Relax and unwind at the Spa Attitude or enjoy motorized water activities at La Case Nautique.

The Ravenala Attitude - Hotel Highlights

  • 272 suites
  • 10 restaurants - Adults Only restaurants (The Bistrot, Riviera, Lime)
  • 6 bars
  • 2 swimming pools - 1 children pool (40cm deep) - aquagym - pool bar
  • Kids’ club - free for kids between 3 to 12 - outdoor cinema, face painting, treasure hunt, cooking class
  • Teens’ club - free for children between 12 and 18 - outdoor cinema, pool table, internet access, karaoke, table tennis
  • Complimentary land and water activities - scuba diving, water-skiing, parasailing, windsurfing
  • Otentik Attitude - cooking classes around a local speciality, jamming sessions to discover traditional instruments and Mauritian artists, a week “Made in Mauritius” market

Zilwa Attitude

  • Location: Calodyne, on the North coast
  • Rating: 4*

Zilwa Attitude Overview

Zilwa Attitude situated in the North coast of the island, focuses on offering the pure Mauritian concept.

‘Zilwa’ is a Mauritian creole word that literally translates to “Islander” - the hotel is all about making you discover the true islander lifestyle while paying a discrete tribute to the Mauritian creole language. Creole resonates throughout the hotel; in the names of the restaurants as well as the riddles in the rooms.

Zilwa Attitude

A stay at Zilwa not only gives you access to the majestic island of Mauritius but also to two neighbouring small private islands; Gran Zil and Ti Zil. Just a few metres away from the Mauritian shore, these two beautiful islands await you for a quiet, intimate time and a delicious barbecue lunch.

Zilwa Attitude

To promote the national heritage and to encourage local talent, Mauritian artists, writers, architects and craftsmen are sought to partake in Zilwa activities as part of the hotel’s rich entertainment and cultural program.

Indulge in unique experiences inspired from local traditions such as a boat trip at sunrise, Creole lessons or sample culinary delights at gourmet cuisines that offer a mix of worldly flavours in distinctive atmospheres.

Here, you will have the possibility of partaking in the joyful experience of seeing a mix of several cultures in any of the special themed restaurants. Enjoy peaceful moments of well-being at Vilaz Masaz by Spa Attitude, an eco-friendly spa. Or indulge yourself with the extensive list of land and nautical activities on offer.

It is an ideal place to unwind and have fun in true Mauritian style. Make the most out of the local traditions and habits that emerged from the cultural diversity of the country and is now a staple of the Mauritian culture.

Zilwa Attitude

Zilwa Attitude - Hotel Highlights

  • 214 rooms
  • 6 restaurants - “Dine Around” concept
  • 4 swimming pools - including 1 for kids (25m3) and a beach pool
  • Spa Attitude - 10 massage rooms - a Watsu pool - complete range of massages, body care and facials - massage on Ti Zil at sunset
  • Evening entertainment - live sega shows once a week and open-air cinema
  • Kids’ club - free for children from 3 to 12 - wide range of activities - glass bottom boat trips, treasure hunt on Crusoe’s island, swimming pool games
  • Otentik Attitude - cooking classes around a local speciality, jamming sessions to discover traditional instruments and Mauritian artists, a week “Made in Mauritius” market

Coin de Mire Attitude

  • Location: Bain Boeuf, on the North coast
  • Rating: 3*

Coin de Mire Attitude Overview

Coin de Mire Attitude is a cosy hotel with a typical Mauritian architecture and a contemporary setting, named the majestic rock sitting across the bay. The hotel is ideal for solo travellers, couples and families. It proposes a genuine tropical holiday experience in warm and friendly atmosphere.

Coin de Mire Attitude

Guests have a choice of 102 accommodations in 3 categories: Superior, Deluxe and Deluxe Family. The Coin de Mire Attitude offers a panoply of activities for you to forge to memorable experiences. Its serene setting and friendly staff encourage interaction and socialising.

Families and friends can enjoy group activities - discovery adventures in the lagoon and the nearby northern islands aboard the hotel’s catamaran or bike rides along the beautiful north coast and for younger explorers; the flora and fauna of the beautiful hotel is full of surprises - endemic creatures. For personal relaxation, the Spa Attitude is the perfect place. This oasis of wellbeing offers an array of massages and care rituals based purely on natural elements.

Coin de Mire Attitude

Coin de Mire Attitude - Hotel Highlights

  • 102 rooms
  • Mini club - for kids from 3 to 12 years old
  • 2 swimming pools (60cm to 1m50 deep)
  • The spa attitude - special care rituals based on genuine natural elements
  • Local rum tasting
  • La Paillote Restaurant - exquisite local and international food (special theme buffet or table d’hôte from 19h to 22h)
  • Ti Taba-J - Mauritian street food concept
  • La Belle Vue Bar - overlooking a swimming pool, offers an à la carte snack service
  • Otentik Attitude - cooking classes around a local speciality, jamming sessions to discover traditional instruments and Mauritian artists, a week “Made in Mauritius” market

Emeraude Beach Attitude

  • Location: Belle Mare, on the East coast
  • Rating: 3*

Emeraude Beach Attitude Overview

Emeraude Beach Attitude is a cosy, charming hotel, bordering one of the most beautiful beaches of Mauritius. The hotel offers you an enriching genuine seaside holiday experience with exciting activities like kitesurf sessions or sand castle competitions.

Emeraude Beach Attitude

The Attitude staff beautifully complement the authentic Mauritian hospitality with the island’s exoticism. Enjoy local cocktails freshly prepared and served by Coco in his typically Mauritian cart and participate in beach sports.

Emeraude Beach Attitude

Attitude gives you the opportunity of enjoying kitesurfing and stand up paddle sessions organised in the calm Anse La Raie lagoon.

Through these leisure activities you will also be able to discover and explore the beautiful Ile aux Cerfs as well as its exotic marine fauna. Afterwards, you can enjoy a highly relaxing session at the Spa Attitude; that provides a range of treatments such as body wrap, pain relief, detox, sports, leg treatments, etc.

Relish gastronomical delights in a charming ambiance at the hotel’s two food outlets.

You have the choice between Les Alizés restaurant that offers excellent local and international cuisine with each day a different buffet theme and table d’hôte menu and the Ti Taba-J that features local specialities through a perky Mauritian street food concept.

Emeraude Beach Attitude

Emeraude Beach Attitude - Hotel Highlights

  • 61 rooms
  • 2 swimming pools
  • Kids’ club - free for kids from 3 to 12 years old
  • Babysitting service available
  • Spa Attitude - natural products and essential oils used in all treatments, - an array of massages, body care and facials
  • Otentik Attitude - cooking classes around a local speciality, jamming sessions to discover traditional instruments and Mauritian artists, a week “Made in Mauritius” market

Friday Attitude

  • Location: Trou d’Eau Douce, along the East coast
  • Rating: 3*

Friday Attitude Overview

Friday Attitude hotel is a friendly hotel perpetuating the relaxed, fun-loving ‘Friday state of mind’. The hotel is ensuring their guests make their most out of their stay there, all throughout their vacation every single day of the week. Friday Attitude is tailored for an exotic beach holiday as a couple, a family or with friends.

Friday Attitude

It is a peaceful retreat in a beautiful exotic setting with a varied list of facilities, to provide with an enriching holiday experience. Laze around the hotel’s splendid swimming pool, where even children are welcome or opt for a relaxing moment at the authentic massage kiosk. The Spa Attitude is an excellent source of wellbeing as well; with a range of massages and treatments.

Friday Attitude - Hotel Highlights

  • 51 rooms - 15 family units (with a separate kid’s room)
  • Kids’ club - for kids from 3 to 12 years old
  • 2 swimming pools - 1 for children
  • Spa Attitude - care rituals based on genuine natural elements of Mauritius
  • Otentik Attitude - cooking classes around a local speciality, jamming sessions to discover traditional instruments and Mauritian artists, a week “Made in Mauritius” market
  • Evening entertainment six times a week - live sega show
  • Water activities: kitesurf, stand up paddle excursion, catamaran and speed boat outings

Friday Attitude

Tropical Attitude

  • Location: Trou d’Eau Douce, on the East coast
  • Rating: 3*

Tropical Attitude Overview

Tropical Attitude is an adult-exclusive hotel built with a typical Mauritian architecture, on a splendid location where you will have the ethereal feeling that time has come to a standstill under beautiful coconut trees on the stunning soft sandy beach. The hotel provides a dolce vita experience in a magnificent tropical setting.

Tropical Attitude

To make your holidays even more relaxing and pleasing, Tropical Attitude has several dispositions in place; for instance, each room is allocated its own 2 sunbeds and the hotel offers stand up paddle excursions as well as catamaran trips on its own catamaran.

Tropical Attitude offers you a lot of experiences and activities that will make your stay not only enjoyable but also memorable. It is a fitting spot for a relaxing escapade to unwind and rejuvenate yourself.

Tropical Attitude

Tropical Attitude - Hotel Highlights

  • 58 rooms
  • Le Cocotier Restaurant - a variety of European and traditional Mauritian dishes
  • La Canne à Sucre - offers exotic cocktails bearing the name of cocktail fruits, in the lagoon vicinity - beach service available
  • Ti Taba-J - Mauritian street food concept
  • Free boat trips to Ile aux Cerfs - twice a day
  • Spa Attitude - care rituals based on natural products
  • Otentik Attitude - cooking classes around a local speciality, jamming sessions to discover traditional instruments and Mauritian artists, a week “Made in Mauritius” market

Récif Attitude

  • Location: Pointe aux Piments, on the North coast
  • Rating: 3*

Récif Attitude Overview

Récif Attitude is an adult-exclusive hotel showcasing the Mauritian lifestyle in simple but lively ways. It offers an atypical kind of accommodation in a cubical architecture with a sophisticated design. Enjoy a splendid seaside holiday full of zen at Récif Attitude.

Récif Attitude

The accommodations include particular features, like the couple standard rooms open up on a terrace or a balcony under a pergola covered with the tropical “passion fruit” creeper while guests staying in the couple standard beachfront rooms have the possibility of waking up to the calming sound of waves.

Récif Attitude

The deluxe beachfront rooms have a magnificent view on the lagoon and is ideal for honeymoons and romantic escapes.

Récif Attitude aims to display the vibrant Mauritian soul by means of entertainment; sway to the beats of the sega while tasting the different exotic flavours the Mauritian cuisine has to offer.

La Pointe aux Piments restaurant offers an excellent mix of local and international cuisines with buffet and à la carte options.

The hotel is ideal to spend quality time with your loved ones in a calm and soothing atmosphere; relish a delicious seafood meal with your feet buried in the sand or sip on tropical cocktails while chatting away in comfortable bean bags on the beach.

Récif Attitude

Récif Attitude - Hotel Highlights

  • Live music - sega show once a week
  • Spa attitude - 3 treatment rooms with care rituals based solely on natural elements - free hammam
  • Free shuttle to Ile aux Cerfs island - typical Mauritian picnic basket provided
  • Otentik Attitude - cooking classes around a local speciality, jamming sessions to discover traditional instruments and Mauritian artists, a week “Made in Mauritius” market

Paradise Cove Boutique

  • Location: Anse La Raie, on the North coast
  • Rating: 5*

Paradise Cove Boutique Overview

Paradise Cove is an adult-exclusive boutique hotel with a lovely traditional islander architecture in a contemporary exotic setting that promises a peaceful getaway in Mauritius. The hotel offers an innovative concept called “you & me moments” to allow couples, friends and honeymooners cherish unique moments together and create wonderful memories.

Paradise Cove Boutique

The concept consists in offering you a multitude of opportunities to devote as much or as little time as you want in each other’s company through the various amenities provided in the hotel as well as in its gorgeous surroundings.

Paradise Cove Boutique

Couples have the awesome chance of spending quality time in the beautiful cove with 16 love nests, alongside the magnificent peninsula.

A path through lush green bushes leads you to the splendid peninsula located at the far end of the hotel grounds, guaranteeing you a maximum of privacy and breathtaking views.

Once there, a whole new world opens to you; comfortable bean bags scattered along the shore for your personal leisure, a calm sea ideal for fun nautical activities like swimming, snorkelling and you even have the possibility of enjoying refreshments right there.

If you’re looking a peaceful time to unwind and rejuvenate yourself, this boutique hotel will be an ideal fit for you. You can relax at the Paradise Cove’s luxuriant garden, its splendid infinity pool, the intimate love nests, the club lounge or opt for a round with friends at the main bar. For exuberance or fitness, a varied list of fun activities including tennis, water-skiing, sailing, windsurfing, and many more is proposed. Entertainment is not restricted to sports activities, relish exotic dishes at the four restaurants and enjoy live musical shows.

Paradise Cove Boutique

Paradise Cove Boutique - Hotel Highlights

  • 67 rooms
  • 16 love nests on the beach
  • 4 restaurants - dine around experience - local & international cuisines
  • 2 swimming pools - 1 main pool + 1 Infinity pool
  • Free activities: tennis, water-skiing, windsurf, snorkelling, kayak, pedal boat, stand up paddle, bicycle tour around the nearby coastal villages
  • Entertainment: live unplugged music every evening, piano bar, weekly sega shows
  • VIP Club lounge - tailor-made services & facilities reserved for members of Club Junior and Senior Suites
  • Open air spa - French brand Cinq Mondes products - wide choice of treatments - tropical aroma and flower baths, hammam
  • You & me moments - star watching & coffee at sunrise on the beach, candlelight dining at the seafood restaurant, sunset watching aboard the Paradise Cove catamaran